Sunday, August 30, 2009

What is new

Everyone that reads this also reads my facebook, so I am not going to report the same pictures unless someone wants me to, but we just got back from vacation a week ago. Jumped right back into stress.

Z has 3 teeth now, she had been sporting the 2 bottom ones for a while now there is a new top tooth poking through. she is amazingly strong, as the wife says BamBam strong. she can stand from just about any position, and when she gets ahold of you she can inflict damage.

A has been pretty status qou, the potty training has up days and down days. Alot of people tell me that one day she will decide that is what she wants to do all the time. I just want to know when that day will come.

The wife applied for a job the other day. I didn't ask or push the issue she just came to me and told me to mail out a resume for her. Haven't heard anything yet, but who knows. She is gonna be picky over what she applies for. If she is going to go back I would like it to be for something she enjoys, that fits onto our schedule.

FOr all of you facebook addicts out there check out this video, I think you will enjoy.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Continuing the fight

One of the best things about writing your own blog is that after you publish you can continue to rant about. When you have an argument with someone, if you don't get out one of your points then you usually don't get to say them. Here I can just keep on bitching about this stuff, luckily this is my last post on the matter.

In my post yesterday, "I hate the Pirates!", I mentioned that The Nutting Family owns the Pirates and most of the Newspapers in the Tristate area. It just bothers me that they run the two business' the same way. Salary should be kept as close to the minimum as possible. Do not bring in talented established people at a good wage. Hire inexperienced people at a low wage, if they have real talent for the job do not reward them, make them look elsewhere for more lucrative wages, and publicly chastise them for it. After all we are the only game in town, people will purchase our product because we have the market cornered. Sling the product out there no matter what shape it is in, as long we get our advertising dollar.

I also get tired of hearing that Pittsburgh is a small sports market. It is hard to pay people in this market. I realize we do not have a George Steinbrener, but if you have a winning team you will sell a lot more seats, shirts, and other merch. Take a look around the Tristate area, how many Penguin shirts and hats do you see, seems like they are everywhere. That is because the Pens, and the Steelers were able to win a championship even though we are in such a small market that it makes it hard to compete.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I hate the Pirates!

It would be better to say I hate The Nutting Family that owns the Pirates. These people also own just about every newspaper in the Tristate area.

The reason I am so mad is that they keep GIVING away players. They have been making trades sending our best players packing, and receiving prospects in return. If they were building a team out of these prospects it would be different but this has been going on for several years now. A tidbit I found out just the other day that I find even more troubling is the business aspect of this, I am not 100% clear on how this works but if a team trades away a big name player, for unknown "prospects" the team receiving the big name player pays the team they acquired the player from his salary back for the year. Basically they are getting paid, and paid well to get rid of their better players.

Nate Mclouth

Batting Average .259
RBI's 52
Home Runs 15
Stolen Bases 15

Nate is now an Atlanta Brave

Adam LaRoche
AVG .251
Home Runs 13
RBI's 43
Stolen Bases 2

Adam is now playing for the Boston Red Sox.

Jason Bay

Batting Avg. .254
Home Runs 20
RBI's 74
Stolen Bases 11

Jason Bay is now Playing for the Boston Red Sox, and signed a very nice multi-year deal.

Jack Wilson
Avg .267
Home Runs 4
RBI's 30
Stolen Bases 2

Not the most impressive numbers, but he is a top notch Shortstop, also a big in the community.

Jack Wilson is now a Seattle Mariner

Nyjer Morgan
AVG .304
Home Runs 3
RBI's 34
Stolen Bases 31

Nyjer is now a Washington National.

In a deal that was done today, With Seattle. The Pirates shipped out Jack Wilson and an unproductive pitcher Ian Snell. In return we received;

Ronny Cedeno
AVG .167
Home Runs 5
RBI 17
Stolen Bases 3

And 3 more Minor League Prospect pitchers.

When Nate Mclouth was given away, we received,

Andrew McCutchen, a very strong outfielder with poor offensive numbers

AVG .281
Home Runs 3
RBI's 25
Stolen Bases 9

I missed the 11PM news, and while I was researching for this piece, I found out the Freddy Sanchez has been Traded as well. Lets see what we got for Freddy, who was the National League Batting Champ 2 years ago. Holy Crap, I am so surprised Tim Alderson does not have any Major League Stats, because he is another stinking prospect.

Now one last thing to bring to your attention. All the offensive stat leaders for Pittsburgh for the year have all been traded. Now that right there is how you provide the hometown with over a decade and a half of sub 500 baseball.

Who needs a winning season, We have Prospects!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marbles on the move

Recently the Marbles went to see Grandma,
(a piece of her artwork is in the window behind her)

and Grandpa in New York.

Z was excited,

especially because Grandma has such cool stuff.

A liked making new friends,

There was a playground,

There was even Tricycles that A could borrow,

Z loved the playground,

Z warmed up to the playground after a bit.

And then there was ice cream,

Who said ice cream is not finger food,

I scream, you scream, even Z screams for ice cream

After Z put on a crawling display, we had to head home.

A wonderful time was had by all The Wife and I escaped with Grandpa as D.D. went wine tasting and purchasing. The few days we had flew by so fast, and we are hoping to return soon, I am sure grandma, and Grandpa wouldn't mind.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Get out while you still can!

Today was a particularly scary day. The family had to attend the doctors office regarding A, and her lead level. Six short months ago we got word that her lead level was in the high end of normal. Living in a big old house(120+ years old) on the nicest street in town does have unseen disadvantages.

To start the day off Grandma M, wasn't feeling well and ended up taking a trip to the hospital, with a short stay to follow, best wishes and God Bless. Then off to the Doctor's. Our doctor is younger guy really good down to earth doctor the kinda person you go looking for when you need a doctor. He said A's lead level was 14, normal limits are 5-9.

So here are the new regulations for the kids in the marble house; no barefeet in the grass, no rolling in the grass, only shoes outside because the years of lead paint have contaminated the soil making it toxic, no more tap water, old pipes have lead solder joints, every surface has to be covered with fresh new paint. So there will be alot of painting and distilled water drinking(yuck).

The last little thing he threw out there was, if you can sell the house and move to one built post1971.

Large house in the park
3 bedrooms
2 full bathrooms
2 car garage
hot water heat
hard wood floors
10 large rooms
Just don't breath or touch ANYTHING!

Doctor said if we follow these changes her lead level should come down to a acceptable limit, and she is not suffering any side effects at this point in time.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A fisherman is born!

After dragging BB from the arms of MelanieWelanie, We headed off to Highlandtown Lake. Highlandtown Lake is where MW, and myself spent quite a bit of our time growing up. Grandparents would scoop us up take us fishing for the evening and top the night off, a trip to the Valley Drive In. The Drive In, has the best Ice Cream in the area. There was no such thing as alcohol based hand sanitizer, nor was there a place to wash your hands between the lake and the drive in. How did we ever survive, HAHA!

This day was a memory in reverse. Sportsman for years have been running an ad campaign for years "Take A Kid Fishing". It was a great time, I believe BB had a good time as well. There is nothing like a stringer of fish to make your day.

At the end of our fishing trip, I did skip the tradition of the Valley Drive In. I do have good reason though, the wife and kids weren't with me. Maybe we will all just meet up out there one night for ice cream.

FYI: No fish were harmed on this outing, catch and release fishing method was utilized.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tribute to Tiffany

I had planned to honor both of the Moms this mothers day, but I think I will save that for another day. I wanted to write about another mother today, my friend Tiffany.

Tiffany is the mother of two boys and one girl, none older than ten years of age. I met Tiffany years ago in high school. She was one of those people you can't say anything bad about. Always pleasant, and always ready to talk. Whenever I would see her it would lead to at least a half an hour BS session. We would talk about her kids, my kids, our spouses, and any other issue that would arise. We always had a lot to talk about because we, lived less than a block away, and as her husband John said if it wasn't for me they would not be together. You see they met at my house all the way back in 1994. I had a little part in the matchmaking I like to believe. They had been together ever since. They had a nice family going. John's father recently started suffering from Alzheimer's, Tiffany was one of the main caregivers for him. She was just that kind of a person.

On Tuesday May 5th, Tiffany went to be with the Lord.

This was a horrible thing to witness the tragedy, of this unfold on the family. Her 2 boys knew something was wrong and were starting to figure it out on there own with the sitter, and there sister not being able to comprehend this because the mind of 2 year old is a beautiful thing, there is no death and everyday you and everyone around you is supposed to be happy. There father dealing with questions from the police chief as the coroner performs an investigation of the strange death of his wife. The lines of family that came to offer support and all the horrible eaves droppers that come from all over just to see if they can see anything.

On Saturday we all got to say goodbye one last time. As I stood by her side and said one last prayer, I remembered the Mother who lost a daughter, the sister who lost her sister, the sons who lost their mother, the husband that lost his wife, and the daughter who wont even remember her mother. I pray that the good lord affords them the comfort and guidance that there mother provided to them.

God Bless you Tiffany, You will be missed greatly.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Easter Festivities

Easter was pretty good this year treats were delivered and eggs were decorated and hid, a good time was had by all.

We went to Great Grandmas house to color eggs and A was really thrown by the crayon that didn't have any color.

Although that crayon helped our little artist do great things.

We got to put names on our eggs.

Even though the writing looks like the kids wrote the names on them.

Although there is no fun like hunting eggs with you bestfriend and cousin.

Except maybe the joy of eating the little treasures inside those eggs.
Sorry so late on the Easter pictures. Hope everybodies was as good as ours.

Afternoon at Beaver Creek

This past Monday was a gorgeous day. I didn't have to be at work until later in the day so we went to Beaver Creek. The wife and I walked the park, while the girls rode, we feed the geese, and had a picnic it was a grand time.

A and I feed the geese, I figured she would be scared of them, but she threw the bread to them and called for them to come to her.

At first there were only 2 geese.

A few more saw what was happening on our side of the pond.

Z was not impressed with the aviary activity all around her.

The Geese were fed, and so we ate.

Z really liked that part of our day at Beaver Creek.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Please forgive me

I have really neglected my duties to the blog. It has been a rediculous amount of time since I last posted for this I am sorry. before you get all mad and start throwing things at my pathetic plea for forgiveness, remember Easter just passed so there are pictures a coming.

Today Grandma S. came into town to see the girls. A was so excited she was talking about this for a few days. A becomes Grandma's shadow, and Grandma loves to read all the books and it is different voice reading all her books and she loves that. This afternoon A had just taken off her diaper and pulled her pants down so she could sit on the potty, when TaaDaa Grandma came in. A takes off waddling through the house pants around her ankles "Grandma, Grandma, Grandma". Upon make a quick escorted return to the potty she had lost all interest she had to go see Grandma. The potty training is going well, but like everyone says it is a long process.

Z on the other hand is also becoming a big girl in her own way. Her last visit at the doctors office we were told she is 4 inches and 4 pounds above average. She is currently wearing 12 month clothing and size 3 diapers, although the next pack will probably be 4's. Z is pretty amazing she is just shy of A's weight, Keep in mind Z was born in December. She likes to sit in her walker and is very independent. When this kid starts moving around herself look out she will be coming through.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A visit from Grandma

Grandma came in from New York a couple weeks ago, and managed to take a couple pictures.

Grandma and A took a trip to Great Grandpa's house.

Z even smiled for Grandma.

Grandma made cookies and A really enjoyed them the evidence is on her face.

The picture taking got old and it was time to read, A had got mail from Mickey Mouse that day.
Grandma is coming back soon so there will be more pictures from her shortly.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I am a little behind

Times are tough, life is busy, the check is in the mail, I got held up in traffic, my alarm clock didn't go off, something came up. I got a million excuses for why I haven't posted, so just pick which ever you like.

Grandma made a trip in from New York last week, it has been a hard winter for her not seeing the grand kids. I was hoping that she would get some good pictures while she was home but the girls, mostly A was being camera shy, I never thought that would happen. A was grandmas little shadow when she came home though. One kinda warm day grandma, and I took A to the playground across the street from where I grew up. It is kinda strange spent a lot of time there growing up. It just seems weird how short everything actually is. Now I don't have to get my feet off the ground to use the monkey bars. A was not into the playground experience that day though, hopefully soon it will be warm enough to take Z as well.

Hopefully the next update will be soon, and have pictures.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Photo update

When the Flu came to the marble house a couple weeks ago.

Too bad she doesn't act like this more often.

Jam session at Elmo's Restaurant.


I am gonna need my soapbox for this one

Unless you live in Arizona you changed your clocks this weekend. Hopefully you all remembered the other task that you do that same weekend. That is right time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. You should have a smoke detector on every floor of the house. For those people I know who do not have them or have them but have not put them up shame on you, think of all the important things in your house, antiques, heirlooms, and I don't know kids. So take a few minutes and a few dollars, replace those batteries. I am stepping back down now.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shot day take 2

Today Z went out for her second round of shootings. The wife said she was a trooper throughout, not making a peep after the first and just whimpering a little after the second. When I left for work today she was sleeping and when she was a wake seemed to be in a pleasant mood.

A has taken an interest in my guitars. She realizes when I am playing that she can stop the music by putting her hands on the strings, and I have let her pluck a string or two before. We heard her in the other room plucking lightly at the strings. I do not want to discourage her from it and the one she was playing is in poor shape anyway, so I let her go on. A short while later I noticed the wife's wallet on the table and asked did you get a new wallet this one is empty. The wife not so calmly responds with, "it shouldn't be", we questioned the usual subject. A confessed to the whole thing stating she put Mommy's stuff in Daddy's guitar.

Wishes for a speedy recovery

Just wanna say hope your day gets better to LB and Aunt G. Those of you who may know MelanieWelanie's little guy found out the floor is harder than his head, this discovery scared the crap out of all of us. Thankfully LB is doing better, still not 100%, but on the way.

A and Z's Aunt G was also hanging out in the ER yesterday around the same time, before having her appendix removed. If you recall Pappy W. just went through the same ordeal. When I told the wife what was happening she looked at me and said, "didn't know that was catching."

Talking about Pappy, poor fellow is scheduled to go back to work soon, time flies when you are recouping.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let me catch you up to speed

So A has been sitting on the potty still. There hasn't been any great strides forward, but she is still open to the idea of using the potty, which is good. There was an incident early this evening, I was at work, thankfully, when A went to go sit on the pot she hollered to her mother who was in the kitchen that she had just done a good job. The wife runs in and finds the good job sitting on the floor. She is trying and that is the part you have to be proud of.

Another development today, I quit one of my jobs. I had tried my hand at being a part time sheriff's office dispatcher. I really didn't like the job. When you like something you can find time to do it, but when it is something you don't like it is damn hard to find time to do it. So for a short time I am down to two jobs. I soon will be teaching EMS, at the local community college. It is something that I do enjoy and it is double the money of any of my other jobs.

There it is, I should be posting some pictures of the girls soon. I also need to find out how to post videos, have some of Z laughing, laughing can you believe it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pee's and Zzz's

This is the most important announcement since December 1st 2008, the coming of Z.

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages The Marble House proudly presents 2 of the most spectacular achievements that a 2 year old and 2 month old can accomplish.

Z has slept through the night 3 nights in a row (trumpets sounding). The wife appears to have a new found spring in her step. I haven't been home for that accomplishment but am bouncing off the walls as if I had been.

Last night A went into the bathroom, and gave her potty a good look. It has never been used as anything other than a step stool, but that was all gonna change. I asked if she would like to sit on the potty and she was open to the idea. So I lifted the lid and she sat down clothed. That night she had a sit down without pants. Once again today when I got up she was sitting in the ready position and quite content. While The Wife was doing dishes A just sat and we asked a few time if she had done anything. I was out of the room for a few seconds and heard thunderous applause. A had Pee'd. If you remember a previous post she has posters and stickers for just such an occasion.

For those of you wondering, yes I did take a picture of A sitting on the potty, but I am not going to post it. Embarrassment of that level should be saved for just the right occasion.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I told you I had pictures

She smiles its a miracle!

Get well soon Pappy!

Pappy has been under the weather as of late, the wife and A just went to see him. I figured this would be a good time to have a get well soon post. The only problem I am having with this, is the fact it is hard to get good pictures of the guy who is always behind the camera.

With Pappy recouping, we got a border for a few days. The 2 pound terror herself, Bitty. She is actually about 5 1/2 pounds, and not really a terror. Bitty was our dog, she went to live with Nana and Pappy when A started getting a little to rough with her, and they were in search of a little companion. Bitty left our house of 2 year old torture and dry kibble, back to her kozy home of peace, quiet and lunch meat.

We all hope you a speedy recovery Pappy!