Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marbles on the move

Recently the Marbles went to see Grandma,
(a piece of her artwork is in the window behind her)

and Grandpa in New York.

Z was excited,

especially because Grandma has such cool stuff.

A liked making new friends,

There was a playground,

There was even Tricycles that A could borrow,

Z loved the playground,

Z warmed up to the playground after a bit.

And then there was ice cream,

Who said ice cream is not finger food,

I scream, you scream, even Z screams for ice cream

After Z put on a crawling display, we had to head home.

A wonderful time was had by all The Wife and I escaped with Grandpa as D.D. went wine tasting and purchasing. The few days we had flew by so fast, and we are hoping to return soon, I am sure grandma, and Grandpa wouldn't mind.

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Anonymous said...

YOU ARE RIGHT.........Grandma and Grandpa do not mind.