Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tribute to Tiffany

I had planned to honor both of the Moms this mothers day, but I think I will save that for another day. I wanted to write about another mother today, my friend Tiffany.

Tiffany is the mother of two boys and one girl, none older than ten years of age. I met Tiffany years ago in high school. She was one of those people you can't say anything bad about. Always pleasant, and always ready to talk. Whenever I would see her it would lead to at least a half an hour BS session. We would talk about her kids, my kids, our spouses, and any other issue that would arise. We always had a lot to talk about because we, lived less than a block away, and as her husband John said if it wasn't for me they would not be together. You see they met at my house all the way back in 1994. I had a little part in the matchmaking I like to believe. They had been together ever since. They had a nice family going. John's father recently started suffering from Alzheimer's, Tiffany was one of the main caregivers for him. She was just that kind of a person.

On Tuesday May 5th, Tiffany went to be with the Lord.

This was a horrible thing to witness the tragedy, of this unfold on the family. Her 2 boys knew something was wrong and were starting to figure it out on there own with the sitter, and there sister not being able to comprehend this because the mind of 2 year old is a beautiful thing, there is no death and everyday you and everyone around you is supposed to be happy. There father dealing with questions from the police chief as the coroner performs an investigation of the strange death of his wife. The lines of family that came to offer support and all the horrible eaves droppers that come from all over just to see if they can see anything.

On Saturday we all got to say goodbye one last time. As I stood by her side and said one last prayer, I remembered the Mother who lost a daughter, the sister who lost her sister, the sons who lost their mother, the husband that lost his wife, and the daughter who wont even remember her mother. I pray that the good lord affords them the comfort and guidance that there mother provided to them.

God Bless you Tiffany, You will be missed greatly.


Aunt L. said...

I didn't realize that you knew her. I'm so sorry! Losing a good friend is like losing a family member. My prayers are with her, and all who knew her and were related to her. So sorry, Marty.

Anonymous said...
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