Sunday, November 30, 2008

T minus 12 hours and counting

We will be arriving at the Med Center at 9:15. the procedure should start at 11:15 and by noon, Baby Z will have arrived. Any and all who can find the Med Center tomorrow are more than welcome to come and behold the Grand arrival of Baby Z.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Thanksgiving Shuffle

Being a child of divorce, I learned at a young age the Holiday Shuffle, start at Moms Family then to Dads family. Now add the Wife's family it gets interesting. This Thanksgiving will start off by going to the massive undertaking of Dads family where all the clan of sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends, all told approximately 25-30 folk. Then a quick stop at MelanieWelanies for a quieter, but brief celebration. Then off to work, to lounge around full of Turkey and trimmings. While the Wife and the Little One will head on to my In Laws for another celebration.

Don't get me wrong I am not sad about being a child of divorce, I got to have Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and Birthdays twice. That was always pretty sweet.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Don't hurt yourself on all the good grub!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dang it!

Well here it is Tuesday night, and still no new bundle of joy. Now I know she is gonna do what she wants and that she needs her time in the oven, but come on already. Tomorrow is the cut off day if nothing happens tomorrow then no deer season for me.

On the upside, everything is progressing well. The wife has appointments 3 times a week ,and they said the baby is turned and ready to go. I really feel for the wife because she is miserable, just when you think no feet in the kidneys there is a watermelon head there and those feet are now in your lungs. God bless her for doing it because I am a wussy. I would do the Jolie thing and go get one from a 3rd world country before going through that kind of misery.

Another Upside to this whole baby thing is Maternity Leave! Thats right I am getting some time off, and I don't care how many butts I have to wipe to do it. I am working afternoon on Thanksgiving and then I do not go back till December 15th. Free at last Free at last!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Moving on up, to the eastside!

This is it I am packing up the wife and kids and getting out of dodge. I finally found a house that is good enough for my family. It is not to flashy, I would not want to cause any envy among the commoners. Luckily it is a steal with the shambles that the housing market is in. By the same token the shack we currently live in is worth just about $3.50. Don't worry this is in Lake Milton if you are not sure where Lake Milton is, about 10 minutes from Leisure Lake, does that help.

Check The Link for more pictures!

Another rough one,

Yesterday for alot of families would have been an extremely joyous day, but not for mine. November 16th 2005, was a real growing experience for me. It was when I realized nothing is a sure thing, the worst things sometimes happen to the best people, and wow life ain't fair. Jackson our little guy would have been three yesterday.

I spent part of the day at work almost trying not to remember it is what I do best, even though it is the worst thing I can do for the rest of the family. Jen spent the day with pumpkin, who doesn't really give you much chance to reflect, she is just way to much energy. We both went to see Jackson but schedules conflicted and we went at seperate times.

I am not dragging this all out to make you all depressed. I just felt like putting my 21st century pencil on paper, and and letting off steam. Just do yourselves a favor today be extra thankful for what you have, don't take it for granted, and Spend a few moments with The Lord, it helps.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Watch out Bambi, Here I come!

In a Comment left from Mom of DDG, she stated December 1st is a great birthday unless Dad is a hunter. Well Dad is a hunter. Me and the wife had a conversation about that when the C-section was scheduled without consideration of deer season. I am still hoping for something to happen the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Then she would be home for the holiday and everyone would get to see her. and I could go hunting, fulfilling that hunting gathering instinct, to compliment the wife's nesting instinct. I also thought it would be quite fun to take BB along, If I had Melanie Welanie's permission.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Meet the crew>

It is pretty simple addition you see, you take two good looking people(the wife and me). and you can end up with something extraordinary!

This is Pumpkin our 2 year old. This is an older picture but one of my favorites.

Baby Girl, so far scheduled for arrival on December 1st.