Friday, January 30, 2009

Have you seen my kids lately?

I know there a few my of faithful readers who get quite annoyed at my infrequent posts of baby pictures so I have a few new one to post, along with what is new at the Marble house.

A is still her normal fireball self, but is talking a blue streak. Speaking in compound sentences, and showing wit that is going to get her and I both in trouble when she gets older. The only thing that has me and her mother worried is her clumsiness. We are concerned that she might have a vision problem like her mother, but they say she is to young to test it. I am hear to tell you she runs into everything, mostly I think she is just extremely clumsy. I have seen her trip over mothers feet 3 times in 2 minutes.

Z is trying to be more pleasant. There was a long period that Z was either sleeping, or screaming. I know some of you are going to say, she is a baby and that is what they do. Well a few of her grandmothers were trying to talk us into seeing some kind of specialist, it was real bad. We did find the best formula for her, her stomach prefers the wal-mart brand formula, the similac and enfamil stuff tore her up. It is either that or she has heard how much this stuff costs and realizes things are tight all over and she is trying to help us save. Whatever it is she likes it and it is cheap, we can't complain. Now she is actually doing this thing were she has her eyes open and is not screaming. She was very strong from day one, she has always tried to lift her head but now she does it with no problem and looks around checking the joint out. By the way did I mention she was Chubby!

She is half as heavy as her big sister.

I just figured I would show you this picture, because it is the only time A has even looked like me and she had to be making my sleepy face, she already curls her hair when she is sleepy like i used too, used too.

A's is still trying to be little Momma, if she can't take care of Z she is at least gonna take care of one of her many baby dolls.
Well hopefully this helps you out with your fix of cute kids. I can't wait till the weather breaks maybe I can get some pictures of the girls outside.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Names in the NFL

There is a fascination with names in my family. Combine that with the Steelers going to the Super Bowl, I figured I would post parts of an article from, and add some of my all time favorites.

10) Ritchie Incognito, St Louis Rams: With a name that makes him sound like the guy who runs the panini shop in a Danny Aiello movie, Ritchie Incognito of the St. Louis Rams gets the first slot here. After being suspended indefinitely from two colleges (one wonders if anything short of tearing off another human’s head could warrant the indefinite suspension of a star athlete from one American college let alone too), Incognito has since gone on to become a well paid NFL star, driving around in a BMW 750 with “23 television screens… including one in his gas cap door.” Alright, it’s only a surname, but come on.

9) Guy Whimper, New York Giants: This one works even better if you choose to pronounce his first name the French way. “Monsieur Guy Whimper”, table for deux!” While this guy tips the scales at over 300 pounds, and we can imagine few things more frightening than a guy half the size of a pickup truck looking to knock us down, one wonders of the psychological effects on an offensive tackle of having a surname that calls to mind the sound a cockerspaniel makes when it’s been left out in the rain and wants to come back inside.

4) Quentin T. Jammer, San Diego Chargers: Quentin T. Jammer is either a cornerback for the San Diego Chargers, a core member of the comic-book superhero team “Max Gravity and his Galactic Spectaculars,” or the villain in a future installment of the Matrix series. We’re not quit sure which. Regardless, with a name that screams to be put on a comic book or turned into a new dance craze, Quentin T. Jammer definitely lucked out in the surname sweepstakes.

3) King Dunlap, Philly Eagles: Striking a blow for the everyman, Dunlap’s parents eschewed heredity and decided that their youngster was just as kingly as anybody who gets the title the old-fashioned way. While we have no clue whether Dunlap’s play on the field can be deemed majestic, he does seem to strike a “I just plundered this kingdom” regal pose when it’s picture time (as shown in the photo to the right)

2) Atari Bigby, Green Bay Packers: Before anyone gets too excited, Atari Bigby was not named after the 1970s video-game pioneer, so anyone thinking of naming their offspring Gamecube Calhoun as a tribute should reconsider. His grandmother named him “Atari” because of the word’s Japanese meaning: attack. Coincidentally, we’re guessing that’s what Atari had to do every time someone jibed him as being named after the ancient video-game maker. “Bigby” is an added bonus, sounding as it does like the name of an octogenarian Rolls Royce chauffeur who taxis you to your country estate in Wales.

Yancey Thigpen. Wide receiver in the Mid-90's for Pittsburgh later went to the Oilers/Titans, before retiring.

Amani Toomer. Giants Wide receiver, always sounded to me like a like a new form of cancer.

Clinton Portis, this is my all time favorite player name, it just sounds like a venereal disease. " Wow poor Howie has to get some strong meds he has the clintonportis". It is still not as bad as the arena where the Cavaliers used to play, GUND ARENA! Now that really sounds bad!

Rod "He Hate Me" Smart. Former XFL player, who went into the NFL last played for the Oakland Raiders. Smart got notoriety for his XFL jersey that had "He Hate Me" on the Back instead of his name.

Well that is all I can remember for now, maybe I can convince mattelo, to write a Great Names of the NHL and post it.

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Fricking Freezing Mr. Bigglesworth!

Wow is it cold, but it is always horrible around my birthday. I had told the wife that the coldest day I could ever remember was on my 18th birthday, news said tonight that it was -22 on my 18th birthday. I can remember the air was just hard to breath, and here we are again.

The temperature is not just a inconvenience for me, one of the worst possible things to happen would be a structure fire in temperatures like this. You get hot inside the fire , you come out then you are even colder. You end up wet, then you freeze. There is always the possibility the hose will freeze. All the gauges on the truck freeze up so you end up running the pump by feel. The road gets covered in ice. I also hope that I don't get put on top of the aerial 60'-100' above the street with the cold wind blowing on me. It is all a pain in the backside. Here is a fella having a bad day.

When I first went to Mom's house in NY I noticed one thing that made me not want to live there. I pointed out these long sticks with flags on the end, that were attached to the fire hydrants. I asked Mom if she knew what those were for, then explained that if there is a fire the firefighter knows were to dig in the snow to find a fire hydrant, I think I will pass on NY.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lets talk kids

Sleep just is not the plentiful in my house still. Z is getting her days and nights squared away, she gets up to eat about 3 times a night. If the child would eat and go to sleep that would be awesome, but she prefers to sleep while eating so the eating process takes alot longer than it normally would. With the 2 of them A is up Z is sleeping, Z is up A is sleeping. There is never any rest in between. I feel bad for the wife while I get a break from the baby drama she is stuck in the house alot mere than me.

The other thing we are working on is the potty training. We have the book, we have the movie, we have the inspirational posters in the bathroom, and the stickers you get to use when you do use the potty. The main problem that has arisen, A is afraid of the potty
She knows where her little messes go. When you ask if she would like to sit on the potty, you get a very quick, No! If you would try to sit her on the potty she screams, afraid the evil toilet will eat her backside or something.
She does use the potty for other things. Her potty chair makes a great stool for hand washing, face washing, and tooth brushing. Anything aside from those activities is totally out of the question. I would like to say that I feel very inspired when I do the things that I should. The poster says to;
Don't Ignore the feeling
Tell an adult
Use just a small amount of paper to wipe with
Don't forget to Flush
Wash your hands
The only thing I try not to do is tell an adult, lets face it The Wife is the only adult around 99% of the time and she really doesn't care what I do in there. Lets just hope A gets it soon and Z picks it up from her big sister quickly when the time comes.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I like bad movies.

Sometimes I like really bad movies. There is not a whole lot to write about, happy new year and all that stuff. I don't understand New Years Day as a holiday, noone gets a day off on March 1st unless it is your birthday, but I am wander off subject. With the lack of things that could be interesting to write about, I figured I would look into my profile to find my muse, and I did. The favorite movie question really gets me. Questions like that are way to hard to answer. For Example, What is your favorite song? Just one do you know how many songs that makes me pick from, and different genres.
Well here is a few of some of my favorite movies;

This is one of the funniest movies of all time. There are to many great lines in this movie to claim any as my favorite. " hey, you wanna earn a dollar the hard way"

This movie makes me want to sing.

I am a huge fan of Belushi, even own several Blues Brother CDs.


Then there is the Belushi off spring, Chris Farley. Tommy Boy was his best movie too bad he wasn't around longer.

Fletch. This is another movie with great one liners.

Four Rooms. Not a very well known movie, every room in this hotel has a different director The only one that rings a bell right now is Quinton Tarantino. The third room is the best!

Office Space. Has anyone seen my stapler?

I have never really gotten into older movies, but Some of the funniest movies ever made were by the Marx Brothers. Animal Crackers, Night at the Opera, I highly recomend any of them.

There are alot of movies that I like but always made me ask big questions about. When Marty Mcfly got into his teen years did his dad Martin Look at his wife and say, "this kid can't be mine, he looks exactly like that guy that we went to school with for one week 30 years ago."

I love Star Wars. No matter what episode is on TV I can and will watch it unless guilted out of it by the Wife who thinks they are the dumbest films ever made. While I do like the movies I love to make fun of the people that like to dress up as the different characters and go to the conventions.

I always liked Indiana Jones movies, and for some reason never had a problem getting my Mom to take me to them.

Now I said I liked bad movies well they don't get any cheesier than the Brat Pack Western.
I hope you enjoy this first installment, I will be back with more horrible movies later.