Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A visit from Grandma

Grandma came in from New York a couple weeks ago, and managed to take a couple pictures.

Grandma and A took a trip to Great Grandpa's house.

Z even smiled for Grandma.

Grandma made cookies and A really enjoyed them the evidence is on her face.

The picture taking got old and it was time to read, A had got mail from Mickey Mouse that day.
Grandma is coming back soon so there will be more pictures from her shortly.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I am a little behind

Times are tough, life is busy, the check is in the mail, I got held up in traffic, my alarm clock didn't go off, something came up. I got a million excuses for why I haven't posted, so just pick which ever you like.

Grandma made a trip in from New York last week, it has been a hard winter for her not seeing the grand kids. I was hoping that she would get some good pictures while she was home but the girls, mostly A was being camera shy, I never thought that would happen. A was grandmas little shadow when she came home though. One kinda warm day grandma, and I took A to the playground across the street from where I grew up. It is kinda strange spent a lot of time there growing up. It just seems weird how short everything actually is. Now I don't have to get my feet off the ground to use the monkey bars. A was not into the playground experience that day though, hopefully soon it will be warm enough to take Z as well.

Hopefully the next update will be soon, and have pictures.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Photo update

When the Flu came to the marble house a couple weeks ago.

Too bad she doesn't act like this more often.

Jam session at Elmo's Restaurant.


I am gonna need my soapbox for this one

Unless you live in Arizona you changed your clocks this weekend. Hopefully you all remembered the other task that you do that same weekend. That is right time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. You should have a smoke detector on every floor of the house. For those people I know who do not have them or have them but have not put them up shame on you, think of all the important things in your house, antiques, heirlooms, and I don't know kids. So take a few minutes and a few dollars, replace those batteries. I am stepping back down now.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shot day take 2

Today Z went out for her second round of shootings. The wife said she was a trooper throughout, not making a peep after the first and just whimpering a little after the second. When I left for work today she was sleeping and when she was a wake seemed to be in a pleasant mood.

A has taken an interest in my guitars. She realizes when I am playing that she can stop the music by putting her hands on the strings, and I have let her pluck a string or two before. We heard her in the other room plucking lightly at the strings. I do not want to discourage her from it and the one she was playing is in poor shape anyway, so I let her go on. A short while later I noticed the wife's wallet on the table and asked did you get a new wallet this one is empty. The wife not so calmly responds with, "it shouldn't be", we questioned the usual subject. A confessed to the whole thing stating she put Mommy's stuff in Daddy's guitar.

Wishes for a speedy recovery

Just wanna say hope your day gets better to LB and Aunt G. Those of you who may know MelanieWelanie's little guy found out the floor is harder than his head, this discovery scared the crap out of all of us. Thankfully LB is doing better, still not 100%, but on the way.

A and Z's Aunt G was also hanging out in the ER yesterday around the same time, before having her appendix removed. If you recall Pappy W. just went through the same ordeal. When I told the wife what was happening she looked at me and said, "didn't know that was catching."

Talking about Pappy, poor fellow is scheduled to go back to work soon, time flies when you are recouping.