Sunday, August 30, 2009

What is new

Everyone that reads this also reads my facebook, so I am not going to report the same pictures unless someone wants me to, but we just got back from vacation a week ago. Jumped right back into stress.

Z has 3 teeth now, she had been sporting the 2 bottom ones for a while now there is a new top tooth poking through. she is amazingly strong, as the wife says BamBam strong. she can stand from just about any position, and when she gets ahold of you she can inflict damage.

A has been pretty status qou, the potty training has up days and down days. Alot of people tell me that one day she will decide that is what she wants to do all the time. I just want to know when that day will come.

The wife applied for a job the other day. I didn't ask or push the issue she just came to me and told me to mail out a resume for her. Haven't heard anything yet, but who knows. She is gonna be picky over what she applies for. If she is going to go back I would like it to be for something she enjoys, that fits onto our schedule.

FOr all of you facebook addicts out there check out this video, I think you will enjoy.