Friday, July 31, 2009

Continuing the fight

One of the best things about writing your own blog is that after you publish you can continue to rant about. When you have an argument with someone, if you don't get out one of your points then you usually don't get to say them. Here I can just keep on bitching about this stuff, luckily this is my last post on the matter.

In my post yesterday, "I hate the Pirates!", I mentioned that The Nutting Family owns the Pirates and most of the Newspapers in the Tristate area. It just bothers me that they run the two business' the same way. Salary should be kept as close to the minimum as possible. Do not bring in talented established people at a good wage. Hire inexperienced people at a low wage, if they have real talent for the job do not reward them, make them look elsewhere for more lucrative wages, and publicly chastise them for it. After all we are the only game in town, people will purchase our product because we have the market cornered. Sling the product out there no matter what shape it is in, as long we get our advertising dollar.

I also get tired of hearing that Pittsburgh is a small sports market. It is hard to pay people in this market. I realize we do not have a George Steinbrener, but if you have a winning team you will sell a lot more seats, shirts, and other merch. Take a look around the Tristate area, how many Penguin shirts and hats do you see, seems like they are everywhere. That is because the Pens, and the Steelers were able to win a championship even though we are in such a small market that it makes it hard to compete.

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Mom says..........

Bob has just given up on the Indians 'cause they have given up on themselves. They acknowledged that they aren't going to when and have traded all their good players with the idea of building from scratch. They've done this before and it worked, but it takes time...time...time. I've no idea what the Pirates have in mind. Be strong.