Thursday, June 25, 2009

Get out while you still can!

Today was a particularly scary day. The family had to attend the doctors office regarding A, and her lead level. Six short months ago we got word that her lead level was in the high end of normal. Living in a big old house(120+ years old) on the nicest street in town does have unseen disadvantages.

To start the day off Grandma M, wasn't feeling well and ended up taking a trip to the hospital, with a short stay to follow, best wishes and God Bless. Then off to the Doctor's. Our doctor is younger guy really good down to earth doctor the kinda person you go looking for when you need a doctor. He said A's lead level was 14, normal limits are 5-9.

So here are the new regulations for the kids in the marble house; no barefeet in the grass, no rolling in the grass, only shoes outside because the years of lead paint have contaminated the soil making it toxic, no more tap water, old pipes have lead solder joints, every surface has to be covered with fresh new paint. So there will be alot of painting and distilled water drinking(yuck).

The last little thing he threw out there was, if you can sell the house and move to one built post1971.

Large house in the park
3 bedrooms
2 full bathrooms
2 car garage
hot water heat
hard wood floors
10 large rooms
Just don't breath or touch ANYTHING!

Doctor said if we follow these changes her lead level should come down to a acceptable limit, and she is not suffering any side effects at this point in time.


Anonymous said...

This is awful!

Anonymous said...

Grandma says.........

You guys can move in with us. You always wanted to live in upstate NY....didn't you?

What haven't you already painted? And, is there anything we can do to help?

Kiss the babies for me

Melanie Welanie said...

Holy cow! Let me know if I can do something.

Auntie L said...

Have you guys' decided to do any painting or anything that we could help with? Let me know. Love ya'ns!